Tan Through T-Shirts

Tan underneath your shirt with tan through t-shirts by TanMeOn.

You don’t like tan lines from your shirt after an active day in the sun? Then uv permeable shirts by TanMeOn are the right choice for you. Get a healthy looking suntan without worrying about strong tan lines from your shirt. TanMeOn tan through t-shirts are made of a fabric that allows sunrays to get to your skin. Thereby you get a nice tan, despite of wearing a T-Shirt.

Tan Through T-Shirt by TanMeOn

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Sun tanning through shirts

The way to a beautiful tan without harsh tanning lines

Cream up under the UV-permeable T-shirt

It is important to apply sunscreen with a sufficiently strong SPF before you expose yourself to the sun. We recommend an SPF of 30 in summer. Although TanMeOn sun permeable shirts have some sun protection, please creme yourself also under the shirt. Due to the special weave the shirts are UV-transparent. We explicitly point out, that we do not guarantee sun protection through the shirts!

Dress up with the TanMeOn tan through shirt

No matter what you plan today: skating, basketball, tennis, golf or hiking with the family. TanMeOn shirts help you to get an even tan. Those who are staying outside long with a normal shirt, will have tanning lines in the evening. Contrary, TanMeOn shirts let the sun rays pass, so that you will get brown under the shirt.

You will love them!

Tan while being active outdoors

On top, TanMeOn shirts are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Thanks to the slight stretch in the shirts, you can move freely. The sun-casual attire of TanMeOn has a trendy, slim fit cut.

Please remember not to stay in direct sunlight during lunch time for a long period of time. Take care of yourself and avoid skin irritation.

Enjoy the perfect tanning results

Do you remember last summer? You have seen yourself in the mirror at night and you had white tanning prints because of the T-shirt you have worn all day. Only your arms and neck were brown? Then take a look at yourself today! Whether strapless dress or wide-cut shirt:

Today you can admire your brown body without harsh tanning lines!

Now you are tanned!